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So I have access to a PLC with my client who is a local charity, and I need to change the ladder programming, the client does not have any accessibility to do this, and the manufacturer has ceased trading and disappeared.

The machine is running a Productivity2000 PLC

I have downloaded the associated productivity suite 3.12.1 but it will not allow me to download the program as the manufacturer has disabled this.

How do I bypass this, is there a way ?

That setting is disabled by default. But it can be enabled in the options. It is a setting within the PLC.

If you can't because it was not enabled their is nothing you can do about it.

You need to contact the original programmer to get the program.

If you can't or they won't hand it over.... Then you would need to quote the customer for a new PLC build to replace if they want any freedom or control over it.

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You can contact the manufacturer of the PLC to confirm. It is from Automation Direct and they offer free support.

Thanks Andrews (i mean the OEM of the machine has gone, obvs not Automation Direct)

@Mark_Le_Lay , yeah sorry. I edited my comment to correct for that after re reading it. It's unfortunate they are out of business.

And I know it sucks to tell the customer. But the best solution is rebuild the controls, explain to the customer, and provide transparency your solution will not be similarly locked down

Thats kind of where i am but i need the ladder programmes to rebuild it and enhance it. Do you know anyone who can do this,.

Well you are not gonna get the program from the sound of it.

I'll DM you some more info.

Edit just DM'd you. but essentially if you are not capable you will need to hire out to someone who is.

In many modern PLCs, the ability to upload the program from the PLC depends on the source code being downloaded to it originally. If only the compiled code is in the PLC, there's literally nothing the programming tool can upload.

Most PLCs do not store tag names, so even if you can upload, you'll probably be blind to what everything represents. You can get this information through IO testing and deduction, but that takes a lot of time.

I don't know how you bill your time, but I imagine this is going to be expensive for the customer either way, and at least with a current PLC, the customer will have more than one support option, so for what it's worth, I would be inclined to upgrade.

The Productivity series from Automation Direct is quite modern--I'm a fan. I would say the task is to analyze the application and rewrite the code from scratch.

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