Downtime report

I need to make a report of the downtime of my machine.
so i already have the time how long the machine is shut down when there is a problem, but when the machine is getting started again they need to choose why the machine was shut down. does anybody know how i can link this choice to the downtime? so that I get a list with what problems took place and how long it took to solve them.


The simple answer is to use Sepasoft’s OEE and downtime module. (-:

The generic answer is to include in your table of operator-entered reasons the record ID from the machine-driven events tables as a foreign key. Then you can join the two tables when querying to produce your downtime report. The SQL can be non-trivial, which is why there’s a module available to help people do this.

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i don’t really understand what you mean. i pretty new with then program.
is there another whey to help me? maybe a video or something

Yes. For those new to programming and to Ignition, Inductive University is the place to learn.

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