Drag and Drop ad hoc trending w/o tag browser


We’ve talked about having a trend tool where you open a window with an empty easy chart in it.

To add trends to the chart you then drag and drop components from our process view.

Fx. if there was a temperature indicator on the process view you could then press left mouse and hold it down, then drag it onto the easy chart and release the mouse button. The temperature measurement would then be displayed as a trend on the easy chart.

Would this kind of trending be possible?

We would prefer to avoid the tag browser solution as we have 43.000 tags in our system and figure that it would be difficult to navigate to the desired tags in a browser.

Yes, you should be able to do this. You’ll have to write scripts for drag start in each element of your process windows that you want to participate, and implement your own drop function(s) on the easy chart. You really want the process elements to be templates with the drag start functions inside, or it’ll be a nightmare to maintain.