Drag and drop tags from OPC browser to remote tag provider does not work

I have Ignition version 8.0.7. I have tried to drag and drop tags from OPC browser to Ignition tag browser which is on a remote provider (gateway 7.9.12). It doesnt work. This is a scaled out architecture where you have a front end gateway (that hosts screens) and a backend server that hosts the tags. Please advise how to overcome this issue.

The OPC items need to be in the same gateway as the origin of the remote tag provider. You probably need to open a designer pointed at that gateway to use drag-and-drop.

@pturmel I alreday have the remote provider (version 7.9) to be the default tag provider in my project designer (version 8). I am wondering if this issue is due to version incompatibility. i cant even edit tags or view UDT definitions. Its a read only mode let alone drag and drop from OPC browser.

You can try it this way, create a OPC Tag, use its ‘Edit…’ function instad of 'Browse OPC’and bind to the corresponding OPC tag to see if it can have an effect