Drag and drop tags from search dialog

This would speed up drag and drop operations in large projects greatly if I could drag and drop straight from the tag search dialog.

Currently I have to use the tag search to find the tag, select it, press the down arrow to move the sqltags tag browser window to the tag location, then grab the tag from the sqltags browser window and drop it onto my control.


I’ll see what we can do.


Another nice option would be to have the tag search be either dockable or persistent. At the moment the tag search dialog disappears as soon as you press select tag or edit tag box. This would prevent you from having to press the binoculars button for each search.

Thanks for looking into it!

third and last change requested would be to make it so that the binoculars are enabled by default. Currently to run a tag search you have to click on the folder structure in the tag browser before the binoculars become enabled. (you have to click twice in different spots where one click should bo all you need)

This functionality doesn’t currently make sense to me, since the tag search returns the same tags no matter what folder you have selected.