Drag and drop tags from tag browser tree to list

I just want to drag and drop tags from tag browser tree to list. I tired but i cant able to fix the issue. Can any one help me out in this please

The list component is not natively a drop target or more properly it doesn’t have an onTagsDropped event handler exposed. This is probably possible but far from trivial.

What happens after the tag is dropped in the List?

Is there any other option is avaliable?
Purpose is Download multiple tags values based on tha selection (date and time)
Please let me know any option is there to drag and drop tags smiliar to list

Download them to where, and for what purpose? I assumed this was vision, but is it?

Fetch tag history value depends upon start time and end time and based on interval also.
I will store the data(value) in online cloud folder

From customer end instead of selecting the tag from list they want drag and drop option so only I am asking is there any other option available for drag and drop

If this is for charting tag history, the easy chart component will accept tags dropped from the tag tree.

Otherwise, I am having a difficult time visualizing what functionality you are trying to achieve so I can’t make a recommendation for a different approach.

Perhaps a popup menu is an option that would be acceptable?

Otherwise not really a simple solution.