Drag and drop template view to running project

I always want to have a function to drag/drop view component to the running project, so I can dynamically program the interface.
It's similar like the operation in ignition designer, but instead, it's drag/drop on a live/running project.

Whether there's a way it can be achieved in perspective?

Any suggestion is welcomed.

Hope this will help.

Follow the Ignition sample project Dashboard view for more understanding.

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Thanks for the information.

Never had chance to close look at the dashboard function yet. I will have a try.

I have tried the dashboard, and tried to add template view to the screen.

The template view has a few parameters, I have synced them to the viewParams, but somehow I cannot find a setting that allow me to configure these parameters in runtime mode.

Another questions is whether there's a setting that allows the template views to overlap with each other in Dashboard? From my current experience, the previously placed view template will dash to the corner of the screen if the newly placed view is going to interfere with the previous one.

Has your view got the configuring option added to its PARAMS section?

Another questions is whether there's a setting that allows the template views to overlap with each other in Dashboard?

Not as far as I can see and I don't think it would provide a useful user experience.

From the document, It looks like the "configuring" param is not the exact function I look for, but I should be able to work around it.


What exactly are you looking for?

Configuring will turn on the edit button in the run-time widget being configured. You then monitor the configuring parameter and enable / disable components in the view to, for example, display a text field so they can configure the widget's titlebar, etc.

when clicking on the widgets, is there any way to know which widget is selected?

For example, there are 10 widgets created in the dashboard, still in the editing mode, if I click on one of the widgets, how do I know the index number of this selected widget?

You don't but there shouldn't be any need to.
Again, what is the real problem you are trying to solve?