Drag & Drop SQL Historian Tags to a Table

In one of Travis’ video demonstrations there is a trend display paired with a tree control that he uses to drag & drop historian tags. It’s available on the cloud marketplace but I’m on 7.6.6.

Is there a way to get this same functionality for 7.6.6? We have a lot of times when searching through data is the only way to find out what it is you want to display, so making tables & trends a-priori isn’t possible.

Are you using a tag tree in conjunction with an easy chart? Because I’m pretty sure you can do that without using anything on the marketplace. Am I understanding your problem correctly?

Yes, thank you, I would also like to use it with a table. I don’t see where the tag tree component is however. Does it exist in 7.6.6? I think that may be the problem.

I just compared the help manual for the current release and for 7.6.6. I have neither Tag Browse Tree nor Power Table components available.

I wonder if I can add them somehow.

I’m not sure. I didn’t realize there was an update and I still have 7.7.5 running on my machine, so i haven’t run into that issue? :/