Drag Popup Outside of Project

I have 2 monitors and I have a popup that I would like to be able to drag to a different screen and keep the main project on the other display. However, the popup dragging is constrained to the display that the project is displayed on.

Is there a way to allow the popup to be moved to the second monitor?

Not moved, but you can open another desktop instance on the second monitor, and have the popup open there.

Trying to do that now, but it's still stuck on my main monitor. inside the project. I can't even drag it on top of my docked window.

system.nav.desktop(1).openWindow('ALARMS - ACTIVE')

ALARMS - ACTIVE is a popup window

Ok, so not using a popup anymore, but I have a full-screen view of the window I want on another page, but I have no menu bar on the top to close it. I assume that the menu bar follows project properties, and that's why it's hidden?

system.gui.openDesktop(screen = 1, handle='Alarm Window')
system.nav.desktop('Alarm Window').openWindow('ALARMS - ACTIVE')

trying to use system.gui.closeDesktop('Alarm Window) on window close results in a java recursion limit error.

That's ugly. Definitely want to report that--recursion limit that isn't jython is always a bug.

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