Dragging tags into a folder in the tag browser while the Ctrl key is pressed does not produce the warning popup

I am not sure if this is intended or not, but it is something that I noticed while selecting multiple tags. If you have Ctrl held while dragging and dropping a tag to a different folder, the “Really perform this move?” warning message does not pop up. I was multi selecting tags, and accidentally held the mouse for too long while moving to selected the next one, then a bunch of my tags disappeared. It wasn’t too big of a deal in my case, but I can see how this could cause problems for somebody if they had a lot of tags selected and dropped them into a folder already containing many tags. A warning would be nice in this case, like there normally is.
This is on version 8.1.1.

I have upgraded to 8.1.10, and this is still the case. Holding the Ctrl key while moving tags does not warn you like it does when Ctrl is not held.