Drawing a schematic circuit in perspective

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I need to show a schematic circuit in a perspective page, and eventually animate some custom components like interruptors and breakers.

Vision has drawing tools, but what about perspective? Is it possible?

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Possible? Yes.

Unfortunately perspective doesn’t have drawing tools yet. There are many post around the forum on using external tools such as Inkscape.

Here is a post confirming that drawing tools are planned.


Here’s how the experts do it currently (like @lrose & @nminchin) :wink::

Technically, the post is about P&ID, but the same principles apply :slight_smile:

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SVGs are great and I’ve used them extensively in the past for Perspective screens. Taking that post you linked to by nminchin another step further, it’s not too difficult to “draw” your devices in coordinate containers by stacking other containers/labels and manipulating their style properties.


I suspect that building out graphics this way may be lighter weight than using SVGs in many cases. I took a P&ID style screen a coworker had created in the past where all the piping was drawn out with individual SVGs for each line and replaced all of them with labels that only had a simple style class on them. Exporting the view saw a file size reduction of around 50% after replacing the SVGs.