Drawing an object template

I would like to draw a shape that will have some curves and some straight lines.
I will need to fill this shape.
How do I create?

Use the drawing tools on the right hand side of the designer. You can use the “Line Tool” where you can select “Draw Curved Line” from the toolbar at the top. You can also union two shapes together to make one shape. Watch this video here:

youtube.com/watch?v=c_tcd-dH … plpp_video

I need to know how to position the curves so that they are perfect semicircles.
It doesn’t seem to let me change the X and Y value for the position of these guys.
How can I do this more exactly?

In that case it is better to make two circles that are identical in size and cut them out of a rectangle using the difference path option.

ok, i worked this out. thanks travis