Drawing Element inside of Perspective - where to find?

I’m trying to produce some proof of concept HMIs and throughout my internet searching have come across Ignition/Perspective - and the solution looks really promising for my needs (this isn’t my normal area of work).

I’ve been hacking around with various elements and have hit what I’m hoping is a pretty simple roadblock after having setup a node-red instance on a raspberry PI in order to send some test data via MQTT over into a postgres database for storing and viewing in Perspective.

I’m trying to produce a similar HMI screen to that seen on the real-time status HMI section of the ignition demo app. I’ve been able to load up the demo app locally (Extra Ignition Materials | Inductive Automation) and in when looking through the Views>Features>Real-time Status>HMI>High Performance elements have finally made it down to the Tank view which is an XY coordinate frame that then has sub-elements to it that are marked as type “drawing” which then contain elements marked as circle, path etc

For the life of me I can’t see where this “drawing” element that is nested under the XY coordinate frame can be created from for use in Perspective, likewise something for creating the circles, paths etc - I’m hoping someone here knows and can offer some tips/ a guide as to how it is done?

Thanks for any help that anyone is able to give.

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You’re not missing anything. Perspective doesn’t have drawing tools–though they are planned.

For now, you can import SVGs drawn in other programs. Search “Perspective drawing” on this forum and you’ll find some tips.