Drawing Items using shapes

In the component pallet there is a rectangle which I can use to draw a representation of a straight conveyor belt then tie style sheets to color tags and it’s all pretty. I run into an issue though when I try and draw a belt that is a corner. Is there a way I can create a custom shape which would represent 45’s and 90’s to add to the pallet or do I need to continue using a png representation.

it becomes a pain when dealing with larger systems (See attached screenshot)

I would like to have one method rather than mixing shapes and images plus it looks ugly if a data connection is lost.

I’m redoing everything based on recent conversations we had on scripting and now would be a good time to revamp belts as well if it’s possible.


Good question. The answer is: be patient! Currently what you’re doing is your best bet, but native vector-based 2d drawing tools in FactoryPMI is coming relatively soon. (early 2010)