Drawing Tool Issues

lines, polygons, squares all disappear when rotated in a container. X Y Coordinates after rotating is off the screen.

Is this similar to what your issue is?


Are the objects actually disappearing or are they just moving their X Y coordinates?

Moving their x y coordinates. Objects disappear off the container. Thought this was fixed in an earlier version but it seems to reappear. refer to post “editing lines”

What version of Ignition are you currently using?

7.5.0 (b1079)

I tried to recreate this on my computer here without success. I tried with various different shapes. I was able to rotate them without any problems and they never changed their X Y coordinates.

When you start to rotate the object, is the red cross that is centered on the object still centered on that object?

I stand corrected, we were able to reproduce this. I will talk with the developers about this.

Were you rotating them using the “rotate 90 degrees left/right” buttons? If so, then the issue has been fixed for 7.5.1

correct the icons on top that look like L’s “rotate selection 90 degrees…”

Ok just making sure - issue is fixed.