Drilling down to selected data of Power Table


I have built a database editing tool similar to the Inductive University video titled “Edit Data in Database”, however I can’t figure out to bind data in the selected row to a custom property (e.g. ‘id’). It’s not really described in the video and I found a work-around by binding the ‘id’ property to the expression: {Root Container.Power Table.selectedRow}+1… but this is a poor solution that fails after rows are deleted.

My other thought was to try {Root Container.Power Table.data}[‘id’], but this only provides the id of the first row.

How can I access data from a selected row to bind a custom property? I would like to perform this using the expression binding and not need to use {Root Container.Power Table.selectedRow} with a SQL query, which might not work anyways.

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This should work as an expression. Though it will throw errors when no row is selected. To solve that, you can wrap it in a try, and return a safe default when no row is selected.

{Root Container.Power Table.data}[Root Container.Power Table.selectedRow,'id']

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Add one more set of braces, plus the try:

try({Root Container.Power Table.data}[{Root Container.Power Table.selectedRow},'id'], 0)

Great, thank you both for the quick response!