Driven Scan Classes in UDT

Is it possible to use driven scan class in UDT that is driven by that UDT instance?
I have a UDT with 220 tags. One of this tags (analog value) needs to be stored in tag history. But… I want to use a different tag history rate based on the analog value. For example, if analog value is above 1.0 then store in tag history every 10 seconds. If the value is under 1.0 then every second.
From this UDT I created 50 tag instances.
So basically I have 50 analog values which need to be stored in tag history at a different rate based on their value.

I hope it’s understandable…:innocent:

It’s not really possible using a single scan class - and maintaining 50+ scan classes would be pretty unwieldy.
This might be one of the legitimate uses of system.tag.storeTagHistory.