Driver Diagnostics

Tom done a great job of explaining some things in this topic

Is there a place I have not found in my searches that explains all the tags under diagnostics.

For example: I called tech support yesterday about getting the IP address of the device. Ron Lor emailed me back to use the Hostname, which I had but it was set to an Int4. I set it to a string and the whole IP address came through.

So if we knew what each tag should be set to to display correctly, and a good/easy to understand definition of what each is or is helping us to explain/diagnose/troubleshoot…

We don’t have anything like that in the user manual, but they should be pretty straightforward. All of the Duration tags are in milliseconds, here’s an example from a MLX.Requests Average Duration - float - averade duration per request (ms) Count - int - number of requests Item Count - int - subscription item count (tags) Last Duration - float - last request duration (ms) Maximum Duration - float - max request duration since connection restart (ms) Minimum Duration - float - min request duration since connection restart (ms) Throughput - float - requests per second (ms) Connection State - string - Connected/Not Connected/Connecting/etc Device Name - string - connection name Hostname - string - ip address Is Connected - boolI’ve attached an image for an example (the numbers don’t all match because I didn’t refresh the Gateway section before taking the screenshot).

Thank you.