Driver to connect to B&R PLCs

I would like to collect some data from two B&R Plcs: B&R X20 CP 3584 and B&R X20 CP 3585 PLCs.

For this purpose, I would like your support to provide me with some information on how to connect with the plcs to retrieve data from its tags.

In order to connect to PLCs I use Ignition Edge OPC UA Server. I managed to connect to B&R PLCs using Ignition Edge MODBUS TCP driver and the simple TCP IP driver.

Although I cannot see the PLC tags through Designer. I only see some typical connection, date time stamp tags, etc.

The Ignition Edge OPC UA Server is running in a Linux environment.

Modbus won’t support tag browsing, so you will have to figure out the addressing schemes of the tags in the PLC before you can connect to them and get data. These instructions in the manual might be able to get you started.

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