DriverTag how to store a dataset?

Ignition 7.9.10
I try to store a Dataset in a DriverTag but DataType have no DatasetType ?

You can’t, Dataset is an Ignition datatype, not an OPC UA datatype.

Ok, I see. I will try to use Array for each column.

I hoped it was possible because in the designer, we can choose Dataset for OPC tag datatype, but not in the Source Data Type. I suppose it’s just for data cast purpose (Array => Dataset with 1 comumn ?)

I’m not sure if that dropdown is even aware of the type of tag it’s being used on. I don’t know what implicit casts are done, if any.

can we store Array Value in DriverTag ?

No that won’t work either. It might allow you to set an array value without error but the OPC UA node wouldn’t have the proper ArrayDimension and ValueRank attributes set.

too bad, to avoid too much code refactoring I will need to serialize the result in a string tag…:cry: