Driving properties using a Root Container dynamic property?

Is it possible to setup one dynamic property on the root container and use that to Drive several objects style properties? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it w/out defining Dynamic Properties on each object.

You do have to define dynamic properties on each object. You could then bind those properties to the root container property so that they are all driven via one property. The styles feature was intentionally designed so that it is self-contained to one component so that it didn’t create any inter-component dependencies.


Ok, Understandable just not what I was hoping for :slight_smile:

Second question… I have bound a tag to Background Color on one object, and the Number-to-Color translation there is quite useful. However… When I try to bind a different object in a similar way(but with different colors and triggers) it seems to overwrite the previous one. Are those settings global?

No, they’re definately not. Let me make sure I understand:

you have two different colors bound to the same tag, but using different number-to-color translations, but when you edit one of the translation maps, it is clobbering the other one?

Let me clarify.

I have a tag the tells me if a fan is running. FanRun.

I have 3 seperate rectangles which all need to change color based on this tag.

2 of them are orange when it is 1, and white when 0.

1 is white when 1, orange when 0.

Now if I bind background color on all 3 rectangles i’m ok.

If I add a 4th object, that needs to change color based on FanAmps, when I bind that tag and change the Number-To-Color setting, (which were 0 is this color, 1 is this color) to 0 and 319 it seems to change the Number-To-Color setting for unrelated objects.

Yeah, I just duplicated this, it is a bug. It will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for letting us know.

Cool cool.

Thanks for looking at it.