Drop Selected Alarms (Database Journal)

I would like to add a button to my window (only visible in the designer) that I could use to quickly drop rows from the underlying alarm database. (alarms that were raised as a result of testing - that I don't want to confuse operators with)

The alarm journal is configured as an SQL database source. Just not sure how I go about it with all the different related tables in the database.

Selecting the rows and inspecting the Selected Alarms prop, I see the EventId column, but I get no results when I try and use the query browser.

SELECT * from alarm_events where eventid = "c4584a93-b62d-4aca-8620-bfd5acc4a61f"

Use single quotes for values in SQL. Double quotes are for identifiers.

Still nothing

SELECT * from alarm_events where eventid = 'c4584a93-b62d-4aca-8620-bfd5acc4a61f'

You may need to cast that value to the DB's UUID type.

Looks like it uses a different event ID.

event ID in the alarm journal component:


selecting using the source instead, I see event ID:


(that's the only alarm event with the same source)

Whoever set up the table set it up as an alarm status table looking at only cleared events, instead of a journal. These were orphaned alarms and that's why they didn't show up in the database.