Dropdown Autocomplete

Is there a way to implement dropdown autocomplete or search functionality within the vision module? I see this feature has been added to perspective modules (Example 2) https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Perspective+-+Dropdown

In my application I’m looking to solve the same problem. Have you find some solutions? Thanks

I would make a template for this. My first thought would be to have a text field, a button with a down arrow to mimic the drop down button, and a list/table component that’s hidden normally and filled with a SQL query. This SQL query will necessarily need something like WHERE label LIKE '%{textInput}%' where {textInput} will be what is typed into the text field.

If the length of the text in the text field is greater than 1, the table/list is visible. Or, if the button is clicked, then the full list is visible. I think a set up like this could work.

But out of the box, no I don’t believe there is a way to do this. You will have to engineer a solution.

Thanks for the advice, now I have solved the problem. I have created a database and entered in a column the strings that must be visualized in the drop down list. Then I have created a texfield component and a dropdown component with a SQL query binding property (in my case SELECT * FROM {table} WHERE {Column_name} LIKE ‘%{Root Container.Text Field 1.text}%’ ORDER BY Date DESC;). Now I can read from database, filter the result with the Text Field string (inserted from user) and put it in the dropdown to visualize only the filtered results