Dropdown Combobox w/ Table

Would it be possible to fix the Combobox Dropdown table to have the appropriate width so that there is not a horizontal scroll bar when the vertical scrollbar is also present? Also is it possible to have the hottracking highlighting for the row that the mouse is currently hovering over for the the table option like is present for the normal dropdown?

The problem seems to be that if you use the table the width argument you can specify is largely ignored or capped. If the vertical scrollbar is not present then the width is perfect and table is displayed as expected.

It appears that the width specification currently used does not account for vertical scrollbar so when ever it shows up regardless of width it seems to also create the horizontal scrollbar which creates an awkward case where you cannot see either the left or right side of the text from the dropdown but only by a character or 2.

We are currently using 7.2.8 for reference.

Yes, I see what you mean. This has been added for 7.3, and the mouse tracking highlight as well.