Dropdown displaying data outside of dataset

One of my screens lets the operaters set recipe parameters using a dropdown. The dataset on the combo box itself is bound to a SQL database. I’m receiving reports that occasionally the text in the dropdown is displaying a raw number (which seems to be the ingredient index in the PLC) rather than the description from the database.

Possibly related, the dropdown text will also bet set to an empty string occasionally.

Any ideas?

Make sure the dropdown list component is in strict mode. That way the selectedValue can only be a value within the dataset.

The dropdowns are already set to strict. Any other suggestions? :scratch:

What is the dropdown’s “No Selection Label” set to? If it’s blank, that might explain when the combo box goes blank. (no selection, or selected value doesn’t exist in the table)

I can’t think of why the display would display the number. Can you reproduce this by any chance?

The ‘No Selection Label’ is set to “”. I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem in a lab setting, but the customer says they experience this issue once to twice a day.

Data is bound to a client tag dataset that executes a stored procedure, and selected value is bound to a SQLTag referencing the PLC.

The customer’s gateway is still running 7.2.6 if it helps.

Can you show me the details of all three bindings as well?