Dropdown Filter not working

i am having problems with the dropdown filter in perspective.
When I type some value in the search it doesn't make the selection according to the search.
Only when I click the down button on the keyboard does the value get selected.

This ends up being a problem for mobile applications.

Has anyone managed to resolve this yet?

Ignition 8.1.27.


When I click keyboard down:

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I am also having a problem with the perspective dropdowns not filtering properly in 8.1.27

I'll have to look into this next time I can, but a couple of questions should be answered before I get started:

  1. @MAURICIO_AZAMBUJA , I see duplicated items in the Dropdown. Do they have the same value as well, or do the duplicate options have unique values?
  2. @Trevor_Speckman , Do you have duplicate options and/or values in your Dropdown?

I'd appreciate a copy of the Dropdown the two of you are using. If you have bindings in place, please disable the bindings before copying the Dropdown or it will no longer work after I paste it into my environment.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to resolve the problem after removing duplicates that were introduced from a named query binding. Appreciate the help!

Good to know. There is a requirement for the Dropdown where each option have a unique value. It used to be in the documentation, but I no longer see it. I'll reach out to the Docs team and see what happened...

Hi @cmallonee,

Analyzing the query better, I noticed that in addition to the duplicated values, it contained blank spaces between concatenated data.

Now the dropdown filter is working perfectly.

Thank you very much.

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