Dropdown has no scroll bar in Perspective App on tablet

I have an issue with the Perspective dropdown component when accessing view with the Perspective app. In the app, when a dropdown has a long list of options, there is no scroll bar present on the dropdown options list. When trying to scroll by swiping upward on the list, the entire page scrolls, not the list.
If viewing the same content in a browser, the dropdown list shows the scroll bar, plus the mouse wheel works to scroll the list.
The DDs at issue are NOT in a popup, though we do have DDs in popups and I expect these are acting in a similar fashion. FYI: I’m working the system remotely and get feedback and bug reports from the operators/management, but cannot test the system with a tablet directly myself, making this a more cumbersome issue to resolve.

Thanks for any input.

Got the issue resolved by disabling the “search” property of the dropdown component. This was causing an on-screen keyboard to popup, which in turn caused the primary view to want to scroll, so it captured the scroll command instead of the DD component.