Dropdown height style

Hi everyone,

I was using version 8.18 of Ignition and had placed the instruction }.iaDropdownCommon_options_modal { max-height: 350px; }{ in the Dropdown style to increase the size of the list.

Today I updated to version 8.25 and it looks like the instruction has changed.

Does anyone know how I should put it?

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Seems there is an extra style now you can overwrite it here

btw on the new version you can use the stylesheet.css, than you dont have to do injections into a style.

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Could you explain how and where this would be done. I've just upgrade and am needing this. Thanks

Nevermind, search the forum and found it here: Dropdown height - new

By the way, where does one find this information in the first place without asking?


you can inspect the perspective element in your (chrome) browser
using (ctrl+shift+i) and then ctrl+shift+c to hover over an element. You'll then probably have to dig through the html elements a bit further to find the limiting css style, so you know what to edit.

this requires knowledge of html and css

in this case, since the update you can see that the height is fixed to a max of 150 by the style .iaDropdownCommon_options_modal>div:first-child