Dropdown list binding

I have a dropdown list which gets its data from a one column returning select query.
I would like to add a static value to this list which does not come from the database.
How can I append my dataset with this one value?
I am trying to avoid using a gateway script…

Add the static value to your query by using a UNION

SELECT myColumn FROM myTable UNION SELECT "myStaticValue" as myColumn

Thanks Pat
How could I then order my dataset so the static value is the first one?
I’ve tried

ORDER BY (mycolumn = 'Static') DESC

and a few others

ORDER BY CASE WHEN mycolumn = 'Static' THEN 1 ELSE 2 END

None work for me.

Change the order of your select statements

SELECT "myStaticValue" as myColumn UNION SELECT myColumn FROM myTable

This doesn’t seem to effect the order for me, Using MS SQL Server 2008.

Something like this:

(SELECT myColumn, 1 as myOrder
FROM myTable)
(SELECT "myStaticValue" as myColumn, 2 as myOrder)