Dropdown List Manual Selection in Addition to Scroll!

I have a droplist list whose data source is an SQL table (1 column.) My question is how to give the user the option to start typing in the dropdown list to select the item directly and still have the ability to scroll thru the items in the list? Is there any example that you can refer me to?

I’m not sure if you can directly type in the dropdown, but one solution could be to modify your query to accept a parameter and use SQL “LIKE”.
Allow the user to type what they’re looking for in an input field above the dropdown and use that as your parameter to filter the dropdown menu.

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There is one on the exchange, Lookup Table Dynamic Dropdown for Vision,

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This may be a good time to make your own template and use @amarks logic of using a "WHERE someColumn LIKE 'enteredText%' to populate a list or tiny table beneath a text input component. If this is a functionality you want all over application consider making it generic so that it could easily be used in other tables. Perhaps the name of the namedQuery which utilizes the LIKE where clause is a parameter for instance.

But in terms of built-ins, I don’t think vision has a component that does this out of the box.

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Thank you guys - You are awesome. I appreciate your help.

Thank you!