Dropdown List Popup Height

Wondering if there is a way to force the dropdown popup height.

I have code on a mouse pressed event on the dropdown that calls a project script where that function browses some tags and returns a dataset if the values of the tags match the sent parameter. This works fine every time but on the first click, the dropdown only shows the first row - I need to click away and click it again then it will show the max of 8 rows which is what I have set for the Max Row count. I have tried moving the script to all of the different events but does not seem to help. I also have another dropdown above this that selects 1 of 3 options which does change the values returned as well. Thanks for any help on this.

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Thanks - I did find that before I posted but that will just increase the size of the selectable area inside of the dropdown. I need the “popup” or the drop down to be a fixed 8 rows all the time, as mine only shows the first row on the first click, then will show the full 8 rows on 2nd click. I don’t care if there is empty boxes, just as long as the operator won’t have to click the dropdown twice.