Dropdown looks different in designer than client

Using 7.9.9. This application at least for the forseeable future is not upgradeable to 8.0+ so please only suggestions that work in 7.9.9.

I am trying to get a dropdown and label to have text the same size as other labels on my group and the dropdown to fit into the title label the same way the buttons do. Right now my Designer looks like this

for my client to look like this -

My client is close to where I want it to be, but it seems like I am going to have to crunch my components even more in my designer to make my client look right. It’s odd to me because the buttons and that says LIQUD HELIUM ANALYZERS identical in the designer and client but the dropdown does not though I get this is a completey differnet component type. However even my label that just says “GROUP:” does not look the same, despite the LIQUID HELIUM ANALZERS label looking identical in client and designer.

My components are on the same exact level as well like so

Where Label and Dropdown are my two new components that are giving me trouble.

Is there some property I need to change or something I am missing here as to discrepancy in appearance?

Turn off ‘Scale Font’ in the component layout constraints for the dropdown? (Even if it’s in anchored mode, annoyingly, the value of the ‘Scale Font’ from relative mode still applies).

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Completely forgot about that little popup for layouts. That did it. I changed it to Anchored and turned off the Scale Font and now they look identical. Thanks.

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