Dropdown Modal Selection

I have 4 identical dropdowns on a page. 3 of the 4 work as expected, but for some reason one of them always opens up the selection list in a modal popup, which I don't want. I don't see any props that enable/disable this behavior.

This seems to be a result of the list being too long to display above or below the dropdown. How do I force a scroll overflow on the dropdown list, rather than a modal popup?

You're running into a sort of "safeguard" setting on our end you have no control over. In order to safeguard sessions from problematic scenarios (those which could cause a session to have pieces of components or other UI "stuck" on the page) we sometimes need to force behaviors. If you don't want the modal behavior, you can either forcibly limit the size of the modal (only available in the Nightly builds at this time), change the position of the Dropdown so that the options may display fully above or below it, or limit the number of options in the Dropdown.