Dropdown Perspective using 3 Column Dataset

Hi there. I am using a dropdown in perspective and am binding to a 3 column dataset. This same scenario works fine in vision where Selected Value is column 0 and Selected String Value AND Selected Label are column 1, and Column 2 is a non issue.
But in perspective it is showing column 2 in the dropdown menu and showing column 1 in the value. I need to show column 1 in the dropdown menu and column 0 as the value.
I cannot see where/how I can do this.
I suppose I could create a new dataset using just column 0 and 1 from the original dataset, but this seems to be a workaround.
Am am currently using Ignition 8.1.4

FYI the dataset column names are:
Column 0: Value
Column 1: Label
Column 2: Dept

I just created a new dataset from the old dataset dropping the Column 2 “Dept” so now the dropdown is bound to a 2 column dataset and is now acting as I would hope.
Maybe this is the only solution? Either way it works for now but would be interested in knowing if there is a different solution.

I don’t remember the rules for a dataset, but I know each option can have additional fields when stored as an object, as long as that object has value and label as keys. If you need to keep those additional fields for some reason, I recommend converting your dataset to an array.

        "value": 0,
        "label": "Zero",
        "dept": "Dept0"
        "value": 1,
        "label": "One",
        "dept": "Dept1"