Dropdown Property Change Problems

I have a template with a dropdown box and anytime the selection is changed I want it to write the value to a tag.

I used the Property Change script and it works fine, but I have a pop-up with six of these templates on it and anytime I open that pop-up with this script running it hangs for a couple of seconds - it didn’t hang before I added this dropdown. I purposefully put a bug in the script to see how many times it was actually running and I got 66 errors.

When I close the pop-up it also appears to run several times and hangs for a second.

I would except to see at least six since the initial value is pulled from a tag and that would constitute as a property change, but it looks like it is trying to run 11 times or more. Any insight as to what is happening would be great!


Hard to say. Can you put together a self-contained test project that demonstrates this and send it to us?