Dropdown selected option

Hi guys,

How can I make the selected option text fit in my dropdown, I can't figure it out.
I want to display all the text.


Thx for your help

Try here:

Make this in advanced style sheet.css

.psc-fitDropDown .iaDropdownCommon_value.ia_dropdown__valuePill__value {
    white-space: normal;
    word-break: break-all;

( word-break: break-all; is optional,)

Add the class fitDropDown to the dropdown

You will have to be sure the dropdown initial size is big enough to contain the text ofc


Thx a lot it works perfectly, can you just explain me how it works ?

.iaDropdownCommon_value.ia_dropdown__valuePill__value, is this a component property ? Do all components has that kind of property ?

As you guess I'm new to Ignition hihi.

Thx again

This is css.

Perspective views is a tool to create webpages through a Jython designer. Which turns your design into html and css. (very simplified)
Most of the css is not visible to the normal user, but can be viewed using browser inspector tools. With these tools you can find the underlying html/css structure which you could use to modify some stuff with the advanced stylesheet.
This is pretty advanced if you do not know anything about html/css

If you look in the inspector, you can see the html and what classes this textfield has, allowing me to construct css to fix your issue.

Most perspective compents have classes everyhwere that can be used to create simple constructors like this, but some of the advanced components are harder (charts, tables and stuff)