Dropdown Selection Changing 3 seconds after being set

So I’ve encountered an issue I’m hoping to rectify.
I have an SQL table with a list of component Part Numbers and Descriptions, that I’m querying to populate a Dataset Client tag and then I have bound that dataset tag to the Data property of 15 Dropdown controls in my Vision window.
The idea is to allow the user to select a part number from each dropdown as a ‘component’ of a completed final part. The dropdown displays a table with the ‘PartNumber’ and ‘Description’ as expected and when the user selects an Item from the list, it sets the selectedStringValue to the description, the selectedLabel to the selected part Number, and displays the Part Number on the control. This is how I would like the control to operate, however sometimes about 3 seconds after something is selected, the selected part number (selectedLabel) changes to another item in the dataset that has the same description.

For example, I have a part number of ‘A399474’ with description of ‘Thread Protector’ and a part number of ‘A399476’ also with description of ‘Thread Protector’. If I select ‘A399476’ from the dropdown either by clicking it with the mouse, or with a script, it will show ‘A399476’ in the dropdown control then about 3 seconds later the display will change to ‘A399474’. It’s like the control is using the selectedStringValue as the ‘primary key’ selection and is changing the selectedLabel to the 1st instance of the Description in the dataset.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior? I’ve tried swapping the columns in the dataset and it doesn’t show this behavior but I want the selected part number to be displayed when the dropdown is closed and not the description.

Thank you

Ensure the first column is unique to be your key. Put everything you want displayed in the second column, repeating part of column 1 if necessary. Also, turn off polling for the query supplying the list.