Dropdown using datatable working in preview but not in the client

I am trying to use a query in the Data for a dropdown to extract a column to display as a list then write to a client tag. It works perfectly in the preview but does not display the list in the client while running. The dropdown is also mad at me and is red as it can get in these situations but with no information for me to troubleshoot.

Here is the query:
SELECT Technician
FROM WO_MaintenanceTimeLogging
order by Technician asc

The query looks fine, which suggests something else is amiss.

  1. How do you have the binding on the dropdown configured?
  2. There should also be an icon with the ‘red’ overlay which signals why the overlay is active, what is it?
  3. Are you designing on the same machine as the gateway?
  4. Is the client running on the same machine as the designer?

That’s almost certainly having Legacy Query security permissions turned off in the project properties.

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That was the solution thanks. I have never had to do this type of dropdown before so it was a learning experience.

Consider converting all such queries to named queries so you can leave that security permission turned off. It defaults to “off” for good reason.