DropDownList Vertical Slider Width

Is there a method to increase the width of the vertical slider of a drop down list?
I am using a touch screen and the narrow slider is difficult to use.
Please see attached picture for reference.

As you can see the drop down arrow is very large but slider is narrow.

Thank you in advance,

Try this:

from java.awt import Dimension
new_width = 75
table = event.source.parent.getComponent('Table')
table.getVerticalScrollBar().setPreferredSize( Dimension(new_width, 0) )

You can put this in a client event (start up) script:

[code]from javax.swing import UIManager

UIManager.put(“ScrollBar.width”, 40)[/code]

Play with number to get what you like.

Sweet! Thank you. It works for event the fattest finger now!

With V7.8.0 you can now configure the touch screen scroll bar width in the project properties.