DTMF multiple entries causing invalid PIN (integrated with CUCM)


Edit 10/18/2022 @ 4:22PM CST: Ignition integrated with CUCM. Call completes. I enter the pin via my cell phone and it prompts invalid. I made sure with the vendor that my PIN was correct. Vendor checked Ignition logs and is seeing multiple entries. For example, Call Manager event:dmtf[11], Call Manager event:dmtf[11]. Call Manager event:dmtf[11], Call Manager event:dmtf[4]. Anything on Ignition side that may cause this? we are still validating CUCM.

You may have to play with the DTMF signalling mode on the Cisco side. That is, many VOIP devices and systems don't actually pass the audible tones through the codec. This topic for my Asterisk phone system describes the possibilities:

I'm not sure what Ignition expects, nor what either Ignition or Cisco are calling their settings.


Thanks for reply. I've edited my post.

Note that passing DTMF through high-compression audio codecs distorts them enough to be very unreliable, which is why the alternate signalling methods exist. If your VOIP provider (any along the chain) are using high compression codecs (highly likely), tones getting through correctly will be near zero.