Dual HD Gateway Access

I recently needed to change computers due to hardware malfunction (screen). I moved the hard drives (OS drive) from my old computer to the new computer. Worked fine for a day, but now Windows is having issues with the hardware swap and I’m not able to get into Windows due to disk checking. I’ve tried putting the old hard drive back into the old machine to use an external monitor, but it seems to be stuck in a boot loop. I am able to insert the original HD into the second slot on the new machine and access all of the files. The new machine does not have Ignition installed yet.

How can I get the gateway from the second HD to start running and access the gateway to make a backup? I have a recent backup, but I’m not 100% certain that updates were not made after this backup.

I would contact support at this point.
It’s very possible to copy the files from one install over to another manually, but there’s enough that could go wrong that it’s probably easiest to have support “over your shoulder” to help.