Dump logger by script


Is there a way using scripting to dump the content of the gateway logger? I would like to do it automaticly.


It’s already dumped as the wrapper log file. Configure your log rotation service to preserve it as you see fit.

Where in Ignition do I do that?

It’s not in Ignition. It’s an OS service. See /etc/logrotate.conf, and on most distros, /etc/logrotate.d/*.

Actually, the wrapper.log is controlled by the Tanuki service wrapper; configuration is available in the ignition.conf file in the /data/ directory:

Well, some choices are available. Logrotate offers many more.

Ok. But is there a way to dump the content of the logger every day in idb format? I like usind DB Browser for SQL Lite to search in.

You could use a gateway timer script to simply copy the system_logs.idb file in the Ignition installation directory. Rotating it would be up to you.

Is it safe to copy this file while the gateway is running?