Duplicate Alarm Events in Pipelines

Is anyone else having issues with duplicate alarm events occurring in alarm pipelines?
The issue occurs when remote tag providers are utilized.

Every alarm event that is routed to a pipeline is duplicated.
Was wondering if anyone had a workaround.

What version of Ignition are you using? Do you have multiple “Remote Gateway Notification” profiles on a single Gateway?

There are plenty of ways to accidentally duplicate alarm notifications, but there have been issues in the past. If you can reproduce this consistently on demand you could get in contact with Inductive Automation Support to confirm if it is a bug.

I have 10 plus remote gateways pointed at a central gateway with alarm pipelines for an enterprise system…
I have a ticket in, just wondering if anyone else had any ideas on what i could do.

In case anyone else is dealing with this bug, what i have done to get around it is enable the dropout on acknowledgement condition for all my pipelines.
Duplicate events still occur, but on ack, they eventually drop out of the pipelines and logically nothing else occurs for the event.
This is not ideal long term because i lose some additional functionality as far as more messages, but it is work able until a fix is released.