Duplicate Alarm Notifications

Can anyone help point me where else to look as to why I am receiving 2 alarm notification emails instead of 1?

  • I made sure that there is one notification block in the pipeline
  • I’m only listed once on the roster
  • I only have 1 email notification type on my user account
  • I turned off all other gateways (Dev, test, local, etc.) anything that could be triggered as well

More background on the setup is a backend server where the tag lives and uses an alarm notification profile and pipeline on a front-end server.

When testing an alarm notification profile from the gateway with a selected alarm notification pipeline, I receive 1 notification as opposed to 2. I only get 2 notifications when the notification goes out from an actual alarm on a tag.

I’ve changed this logger alarm.Notification.EmailNotificationProfile to TRACE and have seen this twice in the logger: Sending email to user with all the info about my account after that.

Any ideas on what’s going on? Or where else to look?

Could try adding a delay between alarm activations to debounce

I ended up contacting support on this.

Turns out there is a known issue when having multiple remote notification profiles causing duplicate alarm notifications to be sent. I removed one and then only one notification went out.

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