Duplicate Alerts?

I’m coming to find that half my inquiries have to do with alerts. Anyway, this one is simple. Sometimes I am getting duplicate alerts when some of my tags enter an alarm state. The alarm times are either the exact same time or one second apart. I tried changing my alarm setpoints so they are not equal to the tags value (I have a PLC generating fake data right now, so I know what the values are). However, this is also happening with my digital tags as well. For my digital tags I have two separate analog alerts (so I can have different notifications for 0 and 1), but I don’t think that would cause a problem. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks (again) in advance.


What version of FactorySQL are you running? Is there any other difference between the two rows inserted?


Well the fact that you implied the problem was with FactorySQL was enough help. I had two instances of FactorySQL running, each connected to the same database (oops). Thanks for the help!