Duplicate DB entry

Hi guys, I have a annoying problem I can’t seem to figure out why it’s happening. I’m keeping up with all the press line’s shift data and job data now using transaction groups, I created a expression Boolean tag that triggers at 2 min before each shift (6:58, 14:58 and 22:58) to grab the data for that shift now my issue is for some reason one of the tables(Press 3) keeps getting double entries as you can see below.
My first thought was ok maybe another transaction group is set to dump data in press 3 table but that cant be since the data belongs to press 3(same as the first entry) next I thought maybe in the trigger section of the transaction group somehow I missed something but as you can see below it looks fine(identical to other press transaction groups), I even selected “Execute once during trigger”. as you can see the duplicate rows have null columns, I added those columns later on so I feel like somehow this could be a glitch? Idk, anyone has any ideas? I have one last option which is delete the transaction groups and the table from the DB and create them fresh but I’d like to explore other options first before going for that.
now Just so you know I have other presses that work of the same trigger tag I made and they have no issues, no duplicate entries only Press 3 so It can’t possibly be the trigger. Thanks (v. 7.7.4)

Are you having the transaction group set your trigger back to false or does the PLC do that?

my trigger stays on for one minute then goes off by itself and since trigger condition is !=0 right when bit goes on trigger happens and should happen only once since I’m telling it to only execute once but somehow it executes twice.

I have seen in the past where an OPC value i was using as a trigger would bounce. Made for some interesting times. :laughing: Think it was scan times that were close together close together or some such thing. Been a while.

Not saying it’s happening in your case, but I got around it by using a Run-Always Expression Items, using the gateway clock to trigger the group:

Tag Name: Now

dateformat(now(),"hh:mm:ss a")

Tag Name: Trigger

timeBetween({[~]Now},"05:59:55 AM","06:00:00 AM") || timeBetween({[~]Now},"01:59:55 PM","02:00:00 PM") || timeBetween({[~]Now},"09:59:55 PM","10:00:00 PM")

The reason I use two of them is so I can format the time, and I can watch it while the group is running.

I will give that a try thanks. The thing that is driving me crazy is the fact that I have 7 presses each have two transaction groups, one for shift and one for job and in all 14 cases the only time I see repeated rows is in case of press 3 lol… :scratch:
this is what i used for Boolean trigger tag

if ((dateExtract(now(0), "hour") = 06 &&  dateExtract(now(0), "min") = 58) || 
     (dateExtract(now(0), "hour") = 14 &&  dateExtract(now(0), "min") = 58)||
     (dateExtract(now(0), "hour") = 22 &&  dateExtract(now(0), "min") = 58), 

well deleted both transaction groups and both tables, created them from scratch and everything and set it up, well duplicate row showed up again lol.
That was plan B so time for plan C , since I know what times I want my data grabbed and put in DB I just used the Execution scheduling option and put down my 3 times so lets see how that works.

If you can set it up this way, have the transaction log set the trigger back to false after running.
That will rule out the trigger “blipping”

well I ended up removing the trigger tag from the transaction group completely and just set it to execute based on the 3 times I wanted the data to be grabbed, that seems to have done the trick and it seems to have worked. originally I had the trigger tag in the transaction group but had set it to scheduling execution but i guess even with that tag present it was somehow triggering the group, it was weird.
I had a NULL value in the trigger column (obviously since it wasnt present) but no duplicate row so one problem solved.
Now I need to figure out the other table, Press3_Job since that trigger comes straight from the PLC when the maintenance switch to Change over mode on the press line, I can’t choose the “reset the trigger” option since I can’t write back to PLC even if the communication is read and write, thats because I suggested that to my boss that does the PLC programming side to avoid any accidental data writing to PLC since someone else will eventually take over this project in this plant and we will move on to the next plant.