Duplicate Headers

Is there a way to allow a table to have duplicate headers or edit the header with a script? I am using a function to transpose a table and plot the datetime as a header, but if two datetimes are exactly the same I get an error where the value will sometimes fail to render and the table customizer will generate an error message. I’ve worked around this by displaying the datetime to the second, but I don’t actually want to display seconds.

Define the table headers down to the second as you are currently doing in your work around.

Set the label for each column in the Column Attributes Data dataset to display what you want to be seen by the user.

Is there a way to do this automatically through scripting?

Something like this will do the trick.

dsColAttr = event.source.parent.getComponent('table component').columnAttributesData

for column in range(dsColAttr.rowCount):
	dsColAttr = system.dataset.setValue(dsColAttr,column,'label','New Column Name')
event.source.parent.getComponent('table component').columnAttributesData = dsColAttr