Duplicate Ignition Servers

I have a customer in China that I setup 2 years ago with Ignition Vision and Bridge. All of a sudden now, transactions have started executing twice simultaneously which got me wondering:

  1. What would happen if you brought up two machines running the exact same Ignition Project
  2. Best way to check / troubleshoot this

Any thoughts on any of this are appreciated!

Another possibility: they duplicated the project that contains the transaction groups.

So, yes that is what the problem was. I had a copy from years ago that somehow got started so both projects were running on the same server. I am surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

If you only use Ignition for SCADA, it doesn’t matter if you have two instances.

But if you use Ignition for other stuff (like with transaction groups), having two instances can be a big problem. Hard to detect and things may fail in odd ways.

We’ve also had issues with this in the past, and even not only with Ignition. But it’s very hard to program detection for it.

I tend to put transaction groups (or their scripted equivalents) in projects of their own with no other resources. Reduces the temptation to treat the project as a template for something new.

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