Duplicate line hotkey now deletes row in new 8.1.18 release

I am loving many of the new 8.1.18 updates, but I noticed a hotkey that I use all the time to duplicate a line of code (ctrl+D) is now deleting the line instead. Is there another hotkey for duplicating lines and if not, then any chance we could add that back in?


I’m going to need an example of where you encountered this. That command should indeed be used for duplication (at least in the design panels) and so this is very unexpected to me. If you can help me narrow down where this is occurring I could investigate to see what is happening. Is it the Script Editor? The Script Console?

Update: Verified this is occurring in at least the Script Editor. I’ve reached out to the Developer who worked on the Script Editor overhaul to see if it was intended.

The dev confirmed that behavior was unexpected and just the result of them not modifying the default of the library in use. We’ll look to swap the behavior back to duplication, but I don’t have a firm ETA.


Great thanks.

Also, while looking at the docs for ctrl+D, I saw that it says ctrl+F is used for find and replace, but as far as I can tell, ctrl+F is only for find and ctrl+R is used to replace.

The ctrl+D should be fixed in the latest nightly, per documentation on a closed ticket. The change logs won’t reflect these changes until Tuesday (holiday on Monday). This was one of the fixes included as part of IGN-3053.

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