Duplicate record in alarm journal

I have one gateway ignition Version: 8.1.10 (b2021090812) and I have very strange value in alarms journal. Alarm journal is in postgres sql.
I have configured many alarms. Every alarms is one tag bit OPC with Siemens and every tag have only one alarms configured with mode equal=1
In the alarm journal I found many duplicated events. Why?

In the uploaded file the alarm journal example and the results of the query. If I use the query browser executing this select I see many duplicates:

select eventtime,eventid,displaypath,source,eventtype, priority, eventflags, count(id),min(id),max(id) from alarm_events e
group by eventtime,eventid,displaypath,source,eventtype, priority, eventflags
order by eventtime

Thank you

pturmel You have some ideas?

No idea.